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Truffle House

21 April 2020

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Truffle Tortelli

Here, at Truffle House, we add a touch of La Dolce Vita to everything we do and so should you!


And if there is one thing we never compromise on, that is what we eat. Be it a snack or dinner with friends, we go all in because life is too short to have bad food and cheap wine.


Our first post from the Inspiration page comes from one of our first trips to Umbria, at the end of a late afternoon truffle hunt. It was late June 2018 when we sat in the garden of a stone house in the small village of Pietralunga.


It smelled like lavender and fruity white wine and the sunset was casting a warm orange light over the mountains around us.


A box of Tortelli al Tartufo Estivo (a good alternative is the Tagliatelle if you prefer simple pasta) was opened in front of us and added to boiling water for 5-6 minutes, just long enough to have a few sips from the chilled wine glass. While trying to decide whether to choose the fresh basil flavor of the Truffle Pesto or the nutty Salsa Tartufata to finish with, we prepared a tablespoon of melted butter. We drained and moved the cooked Tortelli into a normal pan over medium heat, added the butter and continued cooking for another 2-3 minutes.


We chose the nutty and rich truffle and olive flavor of the Tartufata and once everything was ready, we dished up, added a generous amount of salsa, grated parmesan and chopped cherry tomatoes. That moment full of aroma, color and flavor reminded us that the best stories are told around good food and great company so…


Buon Apetito!

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