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Truffle House

04 May 2020

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Umbria is beautiful any time of the year!

Traveling through Italy is never just about history or architecture, or the rolling hills of Tuscany. Yes, it comes with the sunrises and the sunsets but also with gelato, tiramisu, espresso, pasta and the local dishes specific to different areas. And we won’t even start with the wines…


One simply cannot go to Italy and not have a pizza, and cannot go to Umbria without having a truffle pizza!


The town of Assisi sits on a mountain top and offers Instagram perfect sunsets, narrow stone streets that look like movie sets and small family restaurants where the owner is probably also the cook.


A great truffle pizza always starts with a glass of red!


Then you roll up your sleeves and spread the dough on a little bit of flour. Start building your layers with the base. You can use Parmesan and White Truffle Cream if you like your pizza more cheesy or Porcini and White Truffle Cream for a more nutty flavor. For those who prefer a red base, a simple tomato paste will do. Add some Truffle Sauce, big chunks of burrata or mozzarella cheese as they both melt nicely, fresh basil (the one we had came from a little herb garden the owners had behind the restaurant) and truffle oil drizzled over everything.


In the oven it goes!


By the time you will have been through that glass of red, the crust should be nice and brown, the toppings integrated and the smell all over your house. The magic will then be complete!


Umbria is beautiful any time of the year! Buon apetito!

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