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Truffle House

28 May 2020

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Who said a roast has to always be the same?

We believe that cooking creativity is the sum of your culinary experiences, so the more flavors, smells and textures you expose yourself to, the more developed your palate will become and you will be able to better combine and create foods!


This recipe is a mix of flavors from different places but we can tell you for sure that it is absolutely delicious…


We will put together:

  • One Lamb Shank (about 600g)
  • One Truffle Mustard
  • A handful of fresh mint leaves
  • Two fresh rosemary springs
  • Two tsp of Paprika
  • One tsp of coarse Truffle Salt
  • One tsp of ground black pepper
  • One medium red onion
  • 500g of baby potatoes
  • Two ripe avocados
  • Five garlic cloves
  • One lemon
  • Olive oil


Start with the rub/marinade by combining the mint (tear the leaves by hand to open up the flavor), rosemary (chopped), truffle salt, pepper and paprika with two tablespoons of olive oil. Then apply generously over the lamb on both sides and let rest for 15-20 min for all the flavors to mix.


Prepare an oven dish by coating the bottom and the sides with olive oil and place the shank in the middle. Spread the baby potatoes and the red onion (roughly chopped) all around the lamb and gently coat with olive oil (we know, we know! just looove the olive oil). Set your oven on 200 degrees Celsius and start cooking slowly. As the lamb starts roasting and the juices start coming out, you might have to add some water to prevent it from drying up. Turn the shank and cook on the other side and move the potatoes around adding more water if you need (another option here is white wine – wink!).


When the roast is about 10 minutes from being ready, turn the top of the oven on medium to give the shank a nice crust. You can even separate the meat from the bone a little bit at this point if you want it cooked more.


Time to prepare the garlic avocado! In a bowl mix the crushed garlic with a teaspoon of olive oil (again!) and the juice of one lemon. Add the two avocados and mix everything until smooth. Add salt to taste.


Serve the baby potatoes on a bed of garlic avocado and the roast on the side. Garnish everything with fresh chives. Now, for the best part, serve the lamb with the beautiful Truffle Mustard to combine the rich, meaty, herbal flavors with the earthiness of the summer truffles and the spice of the mustard! If you are looking to incorporate more truffle goodness in your dish, just add a layer of Truffle Pesto over the baby potatoes.


This is time well spent at the Truffle House! Buon appetito!

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